Iron Girl Half Marathon

Toby kept us up a good portion of the night. But, here we are at the Mall in Columbia waiting for María to kick butt in the first of two 1/2 marathons in the span of a week.

Today she participates in the inaugural Iron Girl Half Marathon! Next Sunday we will both run in the Frederick Half Marathon. For her troubles María will get an awesome medal for running both half marathons. That way we will both get our special triple medals for running our respective double races. María’s is more rockstar because she will get hers for running a marathon in the span of a week. I’ll have a whole summer to prepare for the second leg of my feat.

Poor little Toby couldn’t run alongside the runners because of his leg. He did hang out on the sidewalk with his dad, waving at the runners with his good paw. He saw mommy pass by and got excited. You could tell he wanted nothing more than to run with his mommy. We got a few good pics and are taking a break until the runners swing back towards the finish line.

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